Lights, Camera, & Kids

There is only one pretty child in this world, and every mother has got it.

Being a parent, you always seek beautiful pictures of your kids that capture your child’s inner beauty. However, photographing kids is a very tough and tricky job, as they are unpredictable and uncontrollable – just like a dragonfly – always on the move.

While some kids love the camera, some hate it. While some give a damn while you capture them, some get freeze up as soon as you point a camera at them.

I’ve my own set of rules that I strictly follow while photographing children. I never ask them to pose, or try to impose my idea upon them. I let them go as they want and try to capture their true (and sometimes crazy) soul, and when a parent utters, “That image is soooo …. Joy!”, I know I’ve done my job.

Though I’m quite boastful about my work, many good kids photographer are out there (and few happen to be good friends of mine too). Simply search in Google with kids photographer in Kolkata, and you’ll come across many names. However, choose wisely.