Joy Banerjee

A fine art & candid wedding photographer based in Kolkata

“Wedding photography is one of the hardest damn jobs in photography. Period. End of story.” ~ Zack Arias

Candid wedding photography is the hardest job because the photographer needs to be present in the right place at the right moment, and is entrusted with the vital job of portraying every bride as an enchanting ‘Cinderella’ and groom as ‘Prince Charming’.

The first two words that pop into our mind when we think about Indian weddings are – a gala festival and a canvas filled with all sorts of vibrant colours. And, it is the job of the candid wedding photographer to capture all the colours and preserve the true essence of the festive spirit in the form of beautiful images, and unfortunately, there is no retake. But his job doesn’t end here. There’s more. Tons more.

The true job of a wedding photographer is to tell you a captivating visual story – a pictorial narrative that will carry you into a dreamy world and make you feel the happiness that two committed souls felt when their loved ones bestowed blessings, friends cheered, and rejoiced in their union.

It’s a wedding photographer’s hard work that let you repeat the rituals, take wedding vows, enjoy pre and post-wedding celebrations days, years, and decades after the actual wedding is over.



Perhaps your search for the candid wedding photographer you’ve been looking for your most precious day ends here. Request a quote from Joy Banerjee.